There's nothing more fun for a kid than to have a balloon artist create a special animal or light saber just for him!  Our artists are such interactive crowd pleasers, kids will patiently line-up for their own creation.  

What's really cool about our balloon art is that the experience doesn't stop when the art is complete.  Instead, this menagerie can be seen colorfully floating throughout a festival with kids interacting with the balloon creations.  And this starts a fun chain reaction.  Once a kid sees another with a balloon dog or balloon hat, she wants to have one of her own as well!  And when it's time to go home, the balloon art goes home, too.  Isn't this a great way to conclude a fun-filled day?

Why not hire LilliPop's balloon artists today?  We scale our services, from a simple kid's party all the way through a weekend-long festival.  Contact LilliPop to find out more about our balloon art here or call 682.559.1064.

Our Balloon art images are being processed. Check back soon!

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