Perhaps we should rephrase the question, Why Not LilliPop? when you need to book entertainment for your next event?


unicyclist at event


Lilli is experienced.  As a veteran with 30 years of performance under her wing and directing her own companies since 2000, Lilli has produced or been personally involved in numerous events of every scope and scale.

Lilli is talented.  Just see whatLilli’s clients have to say on our Testimonials page!   Lilli’s keen eye for design and talent is only part of the equation.
Staff and audience respond to her motivating and out-going personality.  And Lilli never ceases inventing and dreaming and researching new concepts and seeking out ways to get things done cost-effectively and efficiently.



Lilli is strategic.  When planning productions, Lilli takes the long view.  Your event is totally under the watchful eye of Lilli: she meets the clients, designs the sets, plans the productions, hires the talent, oversees the load-in/load-out, and actively performs and interacts with the audience.

Lilli loves children, children love Lilli.  Just take a look through our Portfolio and Popparazzi blog images.  The kids are mesmerized, actively participating, and loving every moment of their rock-star experiences.

Why Not book LilliPop today?  You can send a request here or call Lilli directly at 682.559.1064.

Everyone, simply everyone, wants a photo with LilliPop's Grape-Cluster Stilt Walker!

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