Grapefest 2014 was Big!

Bionic Stilt Walkers…Leaping Lizards, Sandy!

Not to worry, it’s all in good fun! When our jovial bionic stilt walkers were not serving up pizza, they were taking unfathomable leaps in the air! The festival audience were totally awed. Never ones to jump out of the frying pan, our bionic stilt jumpers made sure they were included in a number of photo ops with the festival visitors.

Old-School Stilt Walkers

Meanwhile, LilliPop’s grape-cluster stilt walker wasn’t squished, but he had a riot of a time stomping about Main Street, mugging for the camera with a wide assortment of eager subjects at the Grapevine, Texas, annual fall festival, which ran from September 11 though the 14th.